Five Reasons to Choose Surrogacy – Jannee Fertility Centre

Starting a family can be a wonderful time in one’s life. But there are some couples who are unable to conceive for one or another reason. With the advancement in treatment options, couples suffering from infertility problems can also have their own child. One such solution lies in the process of surrogacy. Low-cost surrogacy in Chandigarh is available for such couples.

Five Reasons to Choose Surrogacy-JFC

What are the reasons people might choose surrogacy?

There are many reasons why a couple might choose surrogacy but the common among them are described here-

1. Absence of a uterus: There are some women who may not have a uterus. In such cases, it is not possible to conceive. This condition can be the result of a rare genetic malformation that affects one in every twelve thousand women. There are some women who may have had their uterus removed due to a medical condition. The lack of a uterus makes it impossible for a woman to bear a child herself.

2. Uterine structural problem: Sometimes, a woman might have an inherent condition or uterine structural problem that makes the conception of a child difficult.  This condition makes it unlikely that a child will be carried to term in women with such problem. This malformation of the uterus can sometimes have little impact on conception, but it can make it impossible for that woman to actually carry her child to term without complications.

3. Medical condition: There are some medical conditions that don’t directly affect a woman’s physical ability to bear children but can have an impact on her ability to carry a healthy child to term. Such medical conditions may include diabetes, cancer, heart disease and kidney disease. These conditions may sometimes turn a pregnancy into a life-threatening event for both mother and child.

4. Failed IVF cycles/Recurrent Miscarriages: In case of recurrent miscarriages and failed IVF cycles, surrogacy may be considered as the last resort, provided genetic abnormalities in the couple are ruled out.

5. Same-Sex Couples: Though in India gay couples can’t opt for surrogacy to have a baby, in many countries this option is available for such couples under law.

There are some medical conditions such as abnormal or low sperm count, tubal damage, endometriosis etc, for which IVF treatment can lead to pregnancy without the need of a surrogate mother. Low cost of IVF in Chandigarh is available for those who are suffering from such problems. However, if the conditions mentioned above are present in the female partner surrogacy is the only choice left.


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