Role of Egg Donor in Infertility Treatment

Infertility is referred as the inability of a woman to conceive even after having regular unprotected sex. Worldwide, it affects at least 15% of people in their lifetime. Out of every 10 couples, more than 1 couple is suffering from infertility and struggling for a successful pregnancy. Although infertility is considered as a very common problem, sometimes it can be frustrating especially for those couples who are looking to have their own baby.

Role of Egg Donor in Infertility treatment

If a couple has failed to conceive despite a regular sexual intercourse even after one year, then a doctor may suggest some tests to find the issue. Treatment of Infertility should start within two years or earlier in the older woman. Individuals and couples having religious or ethical concerns should start with an appropriate fertility treatment plan after consulting their specialist physician.

In old years, only a few treatment options were available to treat infertility in women who were unable to produce healthy eggs. Many of these fertility treatments fail even after the sufficient release of eggs. This happened because the released eggs were not healthy enough to get fertilized or resulted in a successful pregnancy.

Now the situation is quite better as many new fertility treatments including the egg donation are improving possibilities of successful pregnancies. Currently, Egg donation is the best facilitated by experts for a complex third party reproduction that helps women with infertility to conceive successfully and become pregnant. Usually young and healthy women under the age of thirty are selected as Egg donors. Due to health and legal reasons, egg donors are rigorously screened for medical and psychological procedures to protect both the donors and recipients. In healthy women who are not able to conceive with their own egg, other treatment strategies are used first to solve infertility problems.

Egg donation is generally used to treat Infertility problems caused due to following main conditions:

•    Premature ovarian failure (POF)

•    Poor Egg quality

•    Endometriosis

•    Chemotherapy

Premature Ovarian Failure is a significant cause of a woman’s infertility problems and drastically minimizes the chances of a woman becoming pregnant.

With the increase in women age, their eggs quality and quantity go on decreasing and thereby causing infertility problem. Therefore ‘egg donation’ can be the best strategy for becoming pregnant.

Endometriosis is usually recognized by symptoms like dysfunctional uterine bleeding or pelvic pain, including heavy periods or unusual spotting. It can also cause Infertility problems in women.

Chemotherapy can impair a woman’s chances of getting pregnant that may range from a minor impairment of fertility to complete infertility.

In above conditions, Egg donation technique can allow women to experience pregnancy, conceiving the baby to a full term, and subsequently a successful delivery of a child.

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